March 04, 2021

Beet Arugula Immune-Boosting Salad

Beet Arugula Immune-Boosting Salad

Here is a video that demonstrates how to incorporate fun and immune-boosting foods into your diet. At a time when prioritizing our health is crucial, making the right food choices can be a game-changer.

🥦 How to Sprout Broccoli Seeds
Learn the easy steps to sprout broccoli seeds. Broccoli sprouts are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a powerful addition to your diet. They are known to support your immune system and promote overall well-being.

🥗 Make a Beet Arugula Immune-Boosting Salad
Discover the delicious and colorful world of beet and arugula salad! This vibrant dish not only tantalizes your taste buds but also provides a nutrient-packed boost to your immune system. We'll show you how to create this mouthwatering salad step by step.

🌰 How to Make a Nut and Seed Blend (Gunpowder)
Looking for a flavorful and nutritious addition to your meals? Our video tutorial will guide you through the process of making a Nut and Seed Blend, also known as Gunpowder. This versatile blend can add a burst of flavor and healthy fats to your dishes, perfect for enhancing your immune-boosting recipes.

As always, we recommend purchasing organic and non-GMO foods whenever possible. Choosing fresh and wholesome ingredients is essential for maintaining a strong and resilient immune system.

Below are links to items we use for sprouting


Storage Lids

Wide Mouth Lids 

Mason Jars 

Organic Broccoli Seeds 

Sprouting Kit 

How to Sprout Broccoli seeds

  • 2tbs Organic Broccoli Seeds
  • 1cup Water
  • 1 mason jar
  • 1 mason jar lid

Place all ingredients in a mason jar and secure with a mason jar sprouting lid. Let the seeds soak in the water for 8-10 hours in a dark cupboard. After the first 8-10 hours, drain the water off, store the jar upside down, and rinse the seeds twice per day. On the third day, place the sprouting seeds on a window sill so they green up. Repeat the rinsing process for a total of 4-5 days or until the tail of the broccoli sprout is about 2 inches  long. Keep in the refrigerator with a storage lid for about a week. Consume a tablespoon of sprouts per day!

Broccoli sprouts have 20-100x more glucoraphanins which produce ITCs which in turn stimulates the immune system to attack viruses. These ITCs increase immune system cell-killing ability and heightens resistance to viral infections with impressive results (in vitro and in vivo study from the Journal of Nutrition Biochemistry,2008)

So yes indeed food can be your medicine!

Beet Arugula Immune-Boosting Salad

  • 5oz Organic Arugula
  • 1tsp Chopped Fresh Dill
  • 1tsp Chopped Fresh Chives
  • 1tsp Chopped Fresh Oregano
  • 1tp Chopped Fresh Garlic
  • One Shredded Beet
  • One Sliced Avocado
  • 1/2C Broccoli Sprouts
  • A Sprinkle of Dulce Powder
  • Juice From One Lemon
  • 3tsp "Gunpowder"

Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

How to make nut and seed blend (Gunpowder)

  • 1tsp Chia Seeds
  • 1tsp Flax Seeds
  • 1tsp Hemp Seeds
  • 1tsp Pine Nuts
  • 1tsp Brazil Nut
  • 1tsp Pumpkin Seeds
  • 1tsp Walnuts
  • 1tsp Sesame Seeds

In a coffee grinder, blend to a powder and enjoy!