Customer Testimonials

  • This 10-Day cleanse is amazing. Its benefits are rewarding to the body. I have experience other body cleanse on the market. But I find Modern Manna to be the best. I have done the 10 day cleanse for the past 3 years. It is a complete and thorough cleanse. Amazed how I am feeling after every cleanse. Body totally Revived. Hope to visit the Bellavita and have the Bellavita experience in future.


  • My baby caught a cold that’s hasn’t gone away after several days. Finally ordered the Echinacea Plus Syrup and the very night we gave it to our one year old, we noticed he had less mucus. That was the beginning of his recovery process and a few days later his cold had completely disappear.

    Rachel Hyman

  • I was suffering from arthritis in my left thumb that was swollen and throbbing and my hip was hurting. I ordered the Detox Formula and after the 3rd day of taking the formula, the throbbing stopped, and the swelling slowly came down, and now my thumb and hip are no longer an issue.

    This was absolutely amazing since my chiropractor couldn't help me, and my Dr. wanted to do surgery. I am blown away.

    Molly Peterson