ParaTox Formula

This product was designed to tackle parasites, worms, their larvae, and eggs which can live in the brain, heart, lungs, liver, etc., resulting in manny health complications.  

"A tapeworm spends its entire life in the intestines. ... Its head, or scolex, has specialized structures--suckers, hooks, and spines-to latch onto the intestinal wall. ... Roundworms can produce 200,000 eggs in a daysome tapeworms as many as a million. "Hookworms, little leechlike vampires of the intestinal tract, suck the blood of a billion people a year and kill perhaps 100,000" (National Geographic, Oct 1997, VOL. 192, NO. 4).

Size: 2 oz

Ingredients: Black Walnut, Pumpkin seeds, Wormseed herb, Grapefruit peel, Lavender flower, Cramp bark, Black Currant fruit and leaf, Quassia wood, Wormwood herb, Sweet Annie herb, Olive leaf, Clove bud

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