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Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a compound derived from the digestion of indole-3-carbinol found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale. Dr. Leonard Bjeldanes PhD. of UC-Berkley was the first to discover DIM's biological mechanism of action through its role in healthy estrogen metabolism and unique immune modulatory properties.*

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DIM possesses an ability to stimulate specific pathways of estrogen metabolism. Supplementation of DIM has been shown to increase the “good” estrogen metabolites (2-hydroxy) while simultaneously decreasing the “bad” estrogen metabolites (4-hydroxy and 16-hydroxy).

DIM Pro by Neurobiologix is typically utilized in patients who show signs of estrogen dominance.

With the addition of calcium gluconorate, this ingredient has the ability to bind the “bad” forms of estrogen and assist with eliminating them from the body.

The common symptoms of estrogen dominance are:

  • Decreased interest in sex
  • Mood swings (most often irritability and sadness)
  • Loss of energy
  • Weight and/or fat gain (particularly around the abdomen and hips)
  • Irregular or otherwise abnormal menstrual periods
  • Sluggish metabolism
  • Bloating (water retention)
  • Foggy thinking, memory issues
  • Breast swelling and tenderness
  • Trouble sleeping

Additionally, genetic testing can indicate whether a patient needs assistance with controlling the “bad” estrogen metabolites (4-hydroxy estrogen and 16-hydroxy estrogen). The genetic mutations that increase these metabolites in women are:

  • CYP1B1 (Cytochrome 1B1) mutations
  • CYP3A4 (Cytochrome 3A4) mutations
  • COMT (Catecholamine-o-methyl Transferase) mutations