Maximum D3+K2

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  • 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 per serving
  • Support Healthy Blood Circulation*
  • Promote Bone Health and Proper Calcium Storage*
  • Support Cardiovascular Health and Calcium Delivery*
  • Boost Immune Function*

Maximum Vitamin D3+K2 contains precisely designed ingredients to optimize Vitamin D usage. A genetic mutation (SNP) on the VDR Taq gene may impede vitamin D from fully functioning. Subsequently, this formula includes vitaMK7®, a patented, natural K2 vitamin that works with vitamin D to enhance the body's utilization of calcium in the bloodstream. In clinical studies, vitaMK7® increased osteocalcin (calcium-binding protein) levels, strengthening the body's ability to utilize calcium in the bloodstream and prevent bone loss.*

Size: 33 Vegetable capsules 

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