Prostate Formula

$ 32.95

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Assist prostate health and reduce pressure

  • Supports healthy urine flow
  • Reduce nighttime urination
  • Aids in better sleep

    As men gracefully age, so should their prostates. However, aging gracefully isn't always the case for their prostate, and sometimes men experience issues related to the prostate gland. For example, if the prostate gland enlarges, it may make urination difficult, frequent, or painful. This formula was created to assist with inflammation and discomfort. 

    Size: Two-ounce liquid formula

    Ingredients: Saw Palmetto berry American Ginseng root, Eleuthero root, Ginko leaf, Oat tops, Pygeum bark, Sarsaparilla root, Asian/Chinese Ginseng root, Pumpkin seed, Skullcap herb, Mullein leaf/flower, Buchu leaf, Cayenne pepper 

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