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The Joy of Juicing

Gary Null has been one of the foremost voices of the health movement for more than thirty-five years.  As a bestselling author, popular radio host, prolific documentary filmmaker; and hard-hitting investigative journalist, Null is renowned as one of the top health gurus in the United States.  Now, in a completely updated and revised edition of The Joy of Juicing, Null joins his chef daughter, Shelly, in providing a truly practical cookbook specifically designed for juicers looking to improve their health.

Null has always championed the health benefits of fresh juice as a regular part of one's diet.  Accessing natural substances in the right quantities and form can actually repair damaged DNA and halt and reverse the progress of disease.  Drawing on extensive research, Null presents:

*Advice for readers on how to use fresh juice to cleanse and detoxify

*In-depth information on how the recipes can effectively teat and often reverse particular conditions, from diabetes to PMS

*Practical guidance on buying a juicer and learning how to use it

*A complete, easy-to-follow nutritional program

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