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Herbal Antivirals: Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally

The common cold, ebola, herpes, HIV, influenza, shingles, Zika, and even several foodborne illnesses are among the countless diseases caused by viruses. Many viral infections don't have preventive vaccines or effective remedies, and battling them is an ongoing global challenge.

In terms that laypeople can easily understand, author and veteran health researcher Sorrel Davis summarizes the nature of viruses and makes it apparent why these often pathogenic organisms are so tenacious and difficult to defend against. In addition, she explores how herbal medicines can minimize the effects of viruses on human health, safely and with fewer side effects than conventional treatments, by boosting immunity, stopping a virus from progressing, or shortening the duration or severity of symptoms.

Davis puts the spotlight on an amazing collection of plant allies (astragalus, barberry, Chinese skullcap, echinacea, elderberry, ginseng, green tea, lemon balm, licorice, and peppermint) and explains the capacities of each of these herbal protectors to thwart viral infections naturally. Detailed guidelines regarding their usage, safety precautions, and side effects are provided, along with a glossary of terms.
Tips on lifestyle strategies that can maximize protection and minimize infection are also included. Herbal Antivirals is an essential guidebook that can help safeguard your health.

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