Premium Reusable 14" Sq Excalibur Acrylic Dehydrator/Dryer Template Sheets

Rawsome Creations Premium Reusable templates are food grade acrylic sheet that fit directly over the Excalibur Dehydrator trays. The template helps quickly and easily form uniform rounds for 6 inch tortillas, wraps, crêpes or pancakes.

  • Non-Stick and No-Bake
  • Easy to Wash and Store
  • Great for Crackers Fruit Leather or Cookies

High-speed production of dehydrated foods for catering is possible, because once the round is filled, the template can be removed and placed on another tray and filled again. Easy to wash and store. Chefs and teachers use the template for production mode, teaching a class, or just for extra help making perfect 6"rounds time after time.


  • NO BAKE, NO PROBLEM: Made with the strongest food grade acrylic, your dehydrator drying templates won't survive the oven but will survive batch after batch of your best air dehydrated foods and snacks.


  • PERFECTLY SIZED: At 14 inches square, your Rawsome Creations drying template was developed to fit the Excalibur tray and with top chefs in mind. Your Rawsome Creations Dehydrator Templates will produce perfectly round, perfectly crisp foods and snacks every time.


  • COMMERCIAL GRADE: Featuring strong food safe acrylic, your Rawsome Creations dehydrator drying template is perfect for those big, high volume jobs when space and time are a premium. You can produce chef quality homemade, organic, fresh crackers, wraps, tortillas, cookies, fruit leather and more from the convenience of your kitchen!


  • EASY TO CLEAN: Your Rawsome Creations dehydrator template is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and store with your baking trays and small appliances.


  • CRAFTED AND FAIR TRADE: Your Rawsome Creations dehydrator template is made with care from the highest quality commercial, food grade acrylic with love by our Balinese friends using the best Fair-Trade practices available. A portion of your purchase also goes to helping local Balinese charities and children. See our store for more information!

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