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Champion Juicer 2000 (Commercial Model)

Heavy duty front and rear ball bearing installation for smoother running, maximum R.P.M.'S. Added winding capacity which increases starting torque and allows the motor to run cooler increasing the durability factor and performance under heavy use conditions. Variable 110/220 volt 50/60 hertz with stainless steel shafts for longer wear. Can be converted for domestic or overseas use. Manufactured as per UL requirements.



1 Body
1 Cutter (Ivory)
1 Screen Holder
1 Screen (Standard)
1 Blank
1 Tamper (Black)
1 Funnel (Smoke)
1 Bowl (Standard)
1 Sieve
1 Book

 *This unit is wired for 110* 

NOTE: For juicers shipping out of the U.S.A., there is an additional $10 wiring fee, so the juicer is compatible with the required outlet. We will change the wiring based on the shipping address that you have provided. When ordering select the juicer marked, "Shipping out of the USA."

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