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Harnessing the Powers of Gravity, Acceleration, and Deceleration.

The common denominator in nearly every form of exercise is using resistance from gravitational pull to stress and strengthen the muscles.

When you Cellercise, rather than pushing against gravity (as with typical weight-bearing exercise), you increase the weight of gravity on every cell and muscle in the body. By selecting "BUY NOW" you will be directed to cellercise.com

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At the bottom of the bounce on the Cellerciser, you experience an increased G-force; at the top of the bounce, you reach weightlessness.

The result? You’ll work your cells, muscles and cardiovascular system unlike any other fitness method for more effective results.

Healthy Cells, Healthy Self

The body is made up of approximately 75 trillion cells. When our cells are healthy, every function in the body benefits and works in greater harmony.

Regular exercise on a Cellerciser mini trampoline helps to strengthen the cells beyond their current capacity–flexing each cell up to 100 times per minute–and by extension strengthens and improves every muscle, joint and body system.